Rosacea Treatment in Irvine, CA

Rosacea is a fairly common condition estimated to affect over 45 million people worldwide. This condition causes redness and flushing in the central face as well as across the cheeks, nose and forehead in people with light complexion.

Although rosacea can affect all segments of the population, individuals with fair skin who tend to flush or blush easily are believed to be at greatest risk. The disease is more frequently diagnosed in women, but more severe symptoms tend to be seen in men — perhaps because they often delay seeking medical help until the disorder reaches advanced stages.

Primary Signs of Rosacea

Many people with rosacea have a history of frequent blushing or flushing. This facial redness may come and go, and is often the earliest sign of the disorder.

Persistent Redness
Persistent facial redness is the most common individual sign of rosacea, and may resemble a blush or sunburn that does not go away.

Bumps and Pimples
Small red solid bumps or pus-filled pimples often develop. While these may resemble acne, blackheads are absent and burning or stinging may occur.

Visible Blood Vessels
In many people with rosacea, small blood vessels become visible on the skin.

Here at Gentle Touch Laser Center & Medical Spa we employ a non-invasive method in the treatment of rosacea. This revolutionary technology, developed by Candela restores skin tone uniformity by targeting the affected pigments in a safe and effective way. We also use topical creams that help diminish the effects of uncontrolled Rosacea.

Our Board Certified Physician can discuss with you your individual needs for the treatment of Rosacea. Call or email now for a free confidential consultation.