Freckles Removal – Irvine, CA

Freckles are most commonly found in individuals with fair hair such as blondes and, most commonly, redheads. Triggered by prolonged exposure to sunlight, freckles are the result of increases in melanin production and appear most frequently on the cheeks and nose areas.

Fair-skinned people who are more prone to freckling and sunburns are also generally more at risk for developing skin cancers. Freckles may be a warning sign of sensitive skin that is highly vulnerable to sunburn and to potential skin cancer.

Since we cannot change our own genetic component of freckling, our main prevention measures are aimed at sun avoidance and sun-protection, including

  • use of sunscreens with SPF (sun protection factor) 50
  • use of wide-brimmed hats (6 inches)
  • use of sun-protective clothing (shirts, long sleeves, long pants)
  • avoidance of the peak sun hours of 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • seeking shade and staying indoors.

Lasers may help lighten and decrease the appearance of freckles safely and effectively. This is a simple and safe procedure with a high success rate and a low risk of scarring or skin discoloration.

Gentle Touch Laser Center & Med Spa employs advanced Laser Technology for the removal of freckles. This state of the art technology is unique in being effective at removing freckles yet gentle enough to be applied easily to the face.