Most women have cellulite which is, fat that appears as dimpled skin on their thighs, hips and buttocks. Though not a serious medical condition, cellulite can be unsightly, and it may make you self-conscious when wearing shorts or a swimming suit.

Below the two outermost layers of our skin (epidermis and dermis layers) are layers containing fat-cells called subcutaneous layers. Occasionally, small projections of these fat-cells protrude into the outer dermis layers. When this occurs our skin develops the uneven, bumpy appearance, commonly referred to as cellulite.

For years men and women have had to live with the appearance of cellulite in the body, as few treatments offered consistent, dependable results. However, the arrival of VelaShape™ technology has made dealing with cellulite a thing of the past. Here at Gentle Touch Med Spa & Laser Center, we’re proud to offer VelaShape™ technology in the treatment of cellulite and other conditions.