Medical Spa in Irvine CA

Gentle Touch Laser Center & Med Spa in Irvine is the perfect blend of a world-class medical aesthetics facility with the soothing atmosphere and luxurious feel of the finest day spa. Our professional medical staff are highly trained in several technologies that can help you look and feel your best — including Botox, laser hair removal, carboxytherapy, spider vein treatment or removal, and more.

Laser Hair Removal

For anyone who is tired of dealing with unwanted body or facial hair, laser hair removal is a godsend. With about 3-6 laser hair removal treatments at our laser center in Irvine, you can enjoy permanent results — no more razor nicks or unsightly hair where you don’t want it!

With the innovative design of the lasers we use at Gentle Touch, we can successfully treat patients with all types and tones of skin — including Asian, African American, Indian, Hispanic and Caucasian. Our laser hair removal also works on those with a suntan, although it’s a good idea to protect the skin from sun exposure for a time following your laser treatment.


This treatment is designed to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and scar tissue. Carboxytherapy has no known risks and very little downtime — and it uses carbon dioxide, a gas your body naturally produces every time you exhale.

Carboxytherapy has several uses that improve the appearance of your skin: It can improve the skin’s elasticity, help stimulate collagen production, and eliminate localized fatty deposits. And because it also helps improve circulation, carboxytherapy can even be used to treat dark under-eye circles.


Have you heard of the “Vampire Facelift”? That’s another name for PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma — a treatment that uses platelets and plasma from your own blood to rejuvenate your skin. PRP can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars, stimulate the growth of collagen and new blood vessels, and improve the skin’s elasticity and texture. It’s an anti-aging treatment that has become extremely popular because it has worked for so many celebrities!

Spider Vein Removal / Treatment

We use GentleYag laser equipment to reduce the appearance of spider veins — those small but unsightly veins that can be seen through the skin. We can also treat varicose veins, which are similar to spider veins but are larger and can be painful.


If you have crows feet, frown lines, or forehead creases that make you look older or grumpier than you really are, BOTOX can help give your face a smoother, younger appearance. The procedure is minimally invasive, takes only about 30 minutes, and the results last 3-6 months.

Gentle Touch Laser Center & Med Spa in Irvine offers a wide selection of highly effective treatments in a spa setting that’s designed to relax and put you at ease. Call us for a consultation!